1How do I use PaperChef's reinforced cutting edge?
Please refer to PaperChef’s official how-to video, PaperChef's Reinforced Cutting Edge!

PaperChef's Reinforced Cutting Edge from PaperChef on Vimeo.

2Is PaperChef parchment paper oven safe?
Yes. All PaperChef products are safe up to 425°F (218°C). Trim any overhanging edges of the paper to ensure it does not come in direct contact with the heat element or any open flame.
3What is the benefit of wetting PaperChef parchment paper?
PaperChef genuine vegetable parchment has superior wet strength; by wetting the paper, it actually becomes pliable and durable, allowing it to mold to any cookware.
4What are some ways in which you can use PaperChef parchment?
PaperChef parchment paper can line any form of cookware, such as baking sheets, casserole dishes, frying pans, and other heat-safe containers. Other uses include lining a panini press, rolling out sticky dough, interleaving products for separation in the freezer, and piping frosting. Subscribe to our newsletter for more PaperChef parchment uses.
5Are PaperChef products kosher?
All PaperChef products are certified kosher and kosher-for-Passover by Star-K and by the Orthodox Union.
6What is cooking "en papillote"?
“En papillote” is a classic French cooking technique that uses a pouch made of parchment paper to steam-cook proteins and vegetables. Try our PaperChef Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags, which simplifies the process of en papillote cooking.
7What makes PaperChef parchment paper non-stick?
PaperChef genuine vegetable parchment is 100% cellulose that has a light coating of food-grade silicone. Because PaperChef has no loose fibres, the parchment is an even, closed surface that is non-stick.
8What is PaperChef parchment paper made from?
PaperChef parchment paper is 100% eucalyptus fibres from FSC mixed sources.
9Is PaperChef parchment paper biodegradable or compostable?
PaperChef parchment is both biodegradable and home compostable. If your area provides a compost program, it is recommended to check regulations within your municipality to confirm if parchment paper is accepted.
10How is PaperChef culinary parchment different from other parchment papers?
PaperChef true is genuine vegetable parchment, making it certified compostable and biodegradable.