The PaperChef Story


Providing a useful food preparation tool

We believe in bringing people together through the power of food.

Cooking and enjoying food is an experience that brings friends, families, and entire communities together in appreciation for the vitality of life. Whether you're a chef at a high-end restaurant, or your own at-home culinarian, PaperChef's mission is to add to the experience by putting food preparation at the center of creative expression and by bringing folks from far and near around the kitchen table.

We're dedicated to helping you make healthy, sustainable choices when it comes to the food you serve. Our philosophy is rooted in an intelligent respect for humanity, resources and the earth as a whole.



I've been truly honored to work with a team of people who share such an incredible vision. Like all matters of the heart it is the journey rather than the destination, Paperchef strives to be your companion on your culinary journeys wherever they may take you.


Scott Miller


Our Team

Scott Miller


Bill Benson

Director of Sales & Co-Founder

Bradley Ido-Bruce

Director of Marketing

Eva Payne

Customer Service & QA Manager

Catherine Chung

Business Development Manager

Angela Crayden

Customer Service & QA Representative

Kathy Chapman

Operations Manager

Kory Ahmad

Business Development Manager USA & Canada


Cody Crittenden

Business Development Manager & Brand Ambassador

Jeff Hornell

Business Development Manager & Brand Ambassador



Rewarding charitable food-centric projects across North America

Everyone at PaperChef shares a similar passion: enthusiasm for healthy and sustainable methods of cooking. In working with a core network of chefs, PaperChef is committed to becoming involved with various community projects through the power of food.

The PaperChef Foundation was born out of the passion we felt when finding communities across North America that use food to bring people together, and help the planet. We seek to recognize and reward charitable food-centric projects in communities across North America by educating and mobilizing them to utilize their resources on earth all while coming together to enjoy what is on the table.



I am so proud to be able to work with a team that is passionate about great food, and dedicated to making its preparation as easy and healthy as possible. Innovative, high quality products by an incredible team is what makes this brand so unique.


Brad Ido-Bruce