Joshna Maharaj


Joshna Maharaj is a busy chef with big ideas about good food!  With a simple but thoughtful approach to food, Joshna cooks with excitement and enthusiasm. Using recipes that are diverse, wholesome and delicious, her food is accessible and uncomplicated.  This excitement is not limited to the kitchen, as Joshna is a food activist and writer who is constantly engaged with ideas about a truly sustainable food system & culture.  Having chosen a different, more community-based context for her work, Joshna takes a holistic and very diverse approach to being a chef.  In addition to teaching, writing, recipe development & television appearances, Joshna also speaks with groups of students about food and sustainability, consults with community organizations about grassroots-level food programming, and even led a troop of chefs to city hall for a deputation in support of a city-wide food strategy. 

Currently, Joshna is working to revamp hospital food with the team at The Scarborough Hospital.  She is leading the transition to putting wholesome, local food on patients’ plates, and to reconnect ideas of wellness to good food.  With a love of people and an insatiable curiosity, her dedication to good food and food justice fuel Joshna’s work with the pursuit of great taste.