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Tulip Cups
Tulip Cups

Introducing the Tulip Cup - A new addition to our Culinary Parchment Baking Cup line, designed to enhance your culinary works of art. The Tulip Cup has been crafted with culinary beauty in mind - with multiple parchment petal tips, this enhanced size provides a deeper baking cup to contain your most delicate baked delights, ideal for specialty cupcakes.

As with our entire line of Culinary Parchment Baking Cups, the inherent non-stick properties of parchment allows for perfectly delicious muffins, cupcakes and savory treats, every time. Experimenting with Tulip Baking Cups will add diversity to your baking. For the adventurous chef in you, think outside the cup because this baking essential is not just simply for baked goods. These cups are also popular in the kitchen in preparation for everything sweet to all things savory.

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