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PaperChef believes in more than just providing a useful food preparation tool – we believe in bringing people together through the power of food.

Cooking and enjoying food is an experience that brings friends, families and entire communities together. PaperChef’s mission is to add to the experience, viewing food preparation as a creative expression and appreciation for the vitality of life. 

Beyond the kitchen table, PaperChef is dedicated to helping you make healthy, sustainable choices when it comes to the food you serve. Our philosophy is rooted in an intelligent respect for humanity, resources and the earth as a whole. 

All of the chefs we work with at PaperChef share a similar passion and enthusiasm for healthy and sustainable methods of cooking. In working with this core network of chefs, PaperChef has had the opportunity to become involved with various projects centered on community through the power of food.

As part of our dedication to community outreach, we will soon be launching The PaperChef Foundation, which will focus on providing the funding for and organization of charitable food projects in communities across North America. As part of this program, 1% of the sales of all PaperChef products will go directly to The PaperChef Foundation.

For more information, stay tuned to www.paperchef.org.

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